About Us

The Haven is a Byron Bay icon, bringing relaxation and healing to the local community and our visiting guests for over 35 years. We pride ourselves on our excellent and effective alternative healing services, and our deeply therapeutic massages that dissolve your tension and leave you floating out the door.

Unlike other clinics, The Haven offers you total wellness solutions for the body, mind and spirit. Our friendly team of multi-talented therapists is highly skilled and together offers more than 15 modes of therapy including kinesiology, naturopathy, homeopathy, herbs, nutrition, energy healing and physio-spect instant internal body analysis and treatment.

At The Haven, everything you need is at your fingertips so you can regain and maintain great health and vitality.

Our healing philosophy is “a relaxed body heals itself”. That’s why we invite you to come and enjoy individualized attention, relaxation and healing at an affordable price, in an environment of peace, tranquillity and harmony.

We are also thrilled to offer Byron’s only VIP Well-Being™ Club. For one low monthly price, you access Massage, Infra-Red Saunas and Floatation Therapy. It has to be the most enjoyable way to pamper yourself and take good care of your health!

We look forward to pampering you, and helping you back to excellent health!

To discuss your health needs with us, or to book your appointment, please call us today on 02 6685 8304.


Anika Brizuela

For over 30 years Anika has been gently assisting people to heal and passionately empowering them towards their health and happiness. Anika is a multi-talented, highly-skilled and broadly-experienced therapist and intuitive healer. She enjoys facilitating healing for others using her extensive knowledge of many and varied healing therapies in a gentle, caring and supportive way.

Anika has a Diploma from the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice and in order to fine tune her intuitive skills, has also studied Intuitive Healing and Medical Intuition with gifted mentors around the world, and arguably some of the very best instructors in Australia.

Anika has always had an enormous capacity for love and compassion for those around her. She was always caring for others and for animals, and it became obvious in her childhood that she was intuitive; often knowing things relating to the health of her family and friends that she couldn’t possibly have any knowledge of without specialised training – and yet her observations were correct and her advice helpful. Although very active, Anika suffered from many serious health concerns growing up, which only intensified as she grew. Read more

Julie Sulpice

Today, many people suffer from stress. It can be related to work, relationships, finances etc. The physical body gives us warning signs that something is out of balance. I was under immense stress for many years, without any relief. I studied a Master’s Degree in Law and started to practice, but I continued to feel stuck in my life. I discovered Kinesiology through my own personal healing journey, and fell in love with it. The discovery of kinesiology for me has been an enormous help and blessing. It changed my whole life for the better, creating a life of joy, peace and freedom. A life in which I can recognise myself and in which my days are joyful and meaningful.

Life can be a beautiful journey, it is meant to be meaningful, happy, abundant and free of emotional, mental or physical pain. Kinesiology helped make my life happy. Sharing Kinesiology with others makes me and others happy. It is why I am so passionate about it and would love to share it with you. Kinesiology is safe and totally non-invasive. The only risk you take is getting better.

In Kinesiology I work together with you as a team, and we set a goal for you. A goal to boost your potential for success in any area of your life. The session is termed a ‘balance’ and you leave feeling balanced about an issue. Sometimes it is not easy to answer the question: “what do I want?”. This is where my knowledge (in Life Coaching), my skills (in Kinesiology) and my talent (in Energetic healing) will support you. Together with your body, we will reduce the stress connected with this goal and increase the energy you have to achieve it. Read more

Catherine Varley

Born in Victoria and raised in Queensland, Catherine, the youngest of 7 children, saw much hardship in her early years. Then at the young age of 16, she suffered a traumatic car accident which resulted in a broken pelvis and injured knee and shoulder.

She was introduced to martial arts to help heal her body and went on to become a black belt in martial arts. This introduced her to the eating healthy whole foods, Buddhist concepts and spirituality. This was Catherine’s first experience into the body’s capacity to heal itself.

Catherine married and had 4 children, her third child was, unfortunately stillborn. Her family lived naturally and with the laws of permaculture to assist in bringing up healthy children. However, this proved to be not enough. When her children had serious health challenges, she was introduced to acupuncture to help them get well. The first instance was when her son contracted glandular fever aged 12. Acupuncture provided amazing results for his health. In many cases Western medicine could not help resolve problems with her children’s’ health, but acupuncture always helped them turn the corner back to health. A few years later, Catherine suffered a health crisis due to enormous marital stress.

A few years later, Catherine suffered a health crisis due to enormous marital stress, separation and divorce. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine was responsible for getting her health back on track, both physically and emotionally. It was at this point Catherine decided to go to college and dedicate herself to this wonderful and amazing ancient science so that she could, in turn assist others. She enrolled in her degree and several years later graduated with her Bachelor of Health Science degree in Acupuncture. Read more