If you are struggling with pain, tension, tiredness, depression,
emotional upset, insomnia or chronic illness, we can help you, the way
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Every person’s body has Inner Intelligence which is busy maintaining our inner balance and health. All day and all night, our cellular intelligence is doing its best to keep us internally well. Sometimes the load of physical, bio-chemical, emotional, mental or energetic imbalances gets too big, and the body needs help to re-balance.

Kinesiology is a therapy that accesses this Inner Intelligence by testing the Client’s nervous system (non-invasively, using the muscles run by nerves), and effectively asks the Body where and what the problem is. It also asks what the Body’s preferred solution is. It goes to the source of the problem and finds the most appropriate solution. Every person is different.

Corrections can include physical adjustments, emotional healing, mental re-programming, bio-chemical balancing or detoxing, energetic transformation or spiritual healing. A range of tools are used, such as: manual adjustments of muscles or bones, acupressure, flower essences, NLP style positive re-programming of sabotaging thought patterns, identifying the foods or supplements your body needs to add, delete or replace to be well, the use of vibrational tools to transform energies in the aura or chakras and spiritual and personal growth guidance from your body’s inner knowledge.

“After 40 years and much counseling and other work to resolve issues around sexual abuse, I was amazed to realise that after 3 sessions of Kinesiology I feel no more anger towards the person. I feel free. I can move on with my life now and discover who I truly am. My heartfelt thanks, Anika.”
Ms J. Gerrald, Victoria Point.

Kinesiology with Physiospect

Upon arrival after a conversation with your Therapist a Physiospect scan is done and results analysed to reveal the overriding health patterns present in your body. Results are visible instantly on screen, and often make sense to the Client. A Kinesiology balance follows, to balance the mental and emotional components needed to allow healing. After Kinesiology balancing, the final portion of the treatment is dedicated to the Physiospect quantum body treatment. A well rounded wholistic session, deeply healing and informative.

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