Floatation Therapy

If you are struggling with pain, tension, tiredness, depression,
emotional upset, insomnia or chronic illness, we can help you, the way
we have helped countless people to recover their health, happiness
and their joy of life.

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Floatation Therapy

What would your body do if the world stopped for a moment? The answer is simple – it would heal internally, and it would also allow you to access solutions held deep in the recesses of your mind which are not accessible in a waking state.

The Haven’s Float Tank in Byron Bay is an enclosed bath with a sliding door. The water is heated to body temperature and saturated with the finest grain Epsom Salts so you can slide in silky smooth and warm. You can block out the world and melt into a state of deep relaxation.

Floatation provides an environment for your body to disconnect from the world and its’ constant, never-ending stimulation. In life we are constantly exposed to stressors. When these are removed and the body is placed in a place of deep relaxation, its natural healing abilities engage.

As you float easily on the surface with all parts of your body supported and weightless, your muscle tension melts away, and you relax, you find yourself floating freely, as close to zero gravity as possible. There’s nothing to do but rest in complete comfort.

Free from external stimuli with the absence of light, noise, visual stimulation, gravity and touch, in the Float Tank your body falls effortlessly into deep relaxation, and powerful healing easily occurs.

Your body’s natural abilities to focus, repair and even harness creativity are profoundly heightened.

Other benefits of taking the body’s attention inside, rather than on the outside world, include: bringing down and balancing the heart rate and blood pressure, stops production of stress hormones, increases production of feel-good endorphins and encephalins (which are very similar to morphine and produce natural pain relief and a sense of wellbeing and euphoria); negative emotions such as anxiety and fear are replaced by positive feelings of empowerment, confidence, and well-being, your immune system kicks into action, increasing immune cells to kill unhealthy cells or invading organisms, and to strengthen the body’s resistance to disease; old wounds and injuries heal faster, your muscles no longer have to fight against the constant downward push of gravity, the single greatest cause of wear and tear to bones, joints and body…. the benefits continue long after the session.

Being in this state for any length of time gently alters and balances body and brain chemistry, creating profound benefits such as pain relief, postural realignment and emotional calm, mental clarity and a feeling of boundless joy and euphoria. Come and have your very own experience of the Float Tank in Byron Bay.

Regular floating can help ease your body, mind and soul. Some of the effects of regular floating that people report include:

  •     Increased blood flow
  •     Release of stress
  •     Increased Endorphins
  •     Improved sleep patterns (one hour in the tank is equivalent to 3 – 4 hours of sleep)
  •     Increased athletic performance
  •     Pain relief from injuries, ailments and chronic pain
  •     Increased mobility
  •     Assistance in overcoming addictions


Floating allows your body to be totally supported with no pressure on any joint or the spine – making it great for rehabilitation from injury and during pregnancy.

It can also help unlock the creative centres in the brain and enhance learning ability, memory and concentration. It is a wonderful space for meditation and visualisation and to allow your body, mind and emotions to truly recharge.

’For more information on the history and benefits of the Floatation tank, click here.

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