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If you are struggling with pain, tension, tiredness, depression,
emotional upset, insomnia or chronic illness, we can help you, the way
we have helped countless people to recover their health, happiness
and their joy of life.

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Renew Facial

Renew your skin naturally. Come enjoy a blissful experience of a natural, nourishing renewing facial and relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage in Byron Bay. Enjoy our luscious organic and all-natural facial products. This facial will leave you feeling completely relaxed and looking and feeling fresh and renewed, ready for anything. *Receive 10% off all our organic facial products upon checkout.

“Your natural facial was the best I ever had!”

Evelin, 43, from France.

Massage & Facials

Who doesn’t love that wonderful feeling of relief as you settle on the massage table and let go of all your tension in the hands of a trained and caring therapist?

At The Haven, massage is what we’re known for and we’re proud to offer a diverse range of the best Massage in Byron Bay since 1980!

Come and enjoy the best massage and healing treatments available in Byron Bay, guaranteed! Feel all your stress, tension and pain melt away in the hands of our professional and caring team. You will be utterly amazed at what is possible.

Benefits of Massage Byron Bay:

Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. Some studies have found massage may also be helpful for:

  •     Anxiety
  •     Digestive disorders
  •     Fibromyalgia
  •     Headaches
  •     Insomnia related to stress
  •     Myofascial pain syndrome
  •     Paresthesias and nerve pain
  •     Soft tissue strains or injuries
  •     Sports injuries
  •     Temporomandibular joint pain


Types of massage

Massage Byron Bay is an age-old tradition to bring about wellness in many cultures. At The Haven, we offer the conventional kinds of massage, as well as Massage including intuitive healing, as follows:

Release – Head, Neck & Shoulders Massage Byron Bay

Release worry, tension and tightness from your body and mind. This focal massage will leave you rejuvenated, invigorated and ready to go back to doing the things in life that you want to do. Your therapist will free these highly constricted areas for you, reducing stress, anxiety, insomnia, as well as headaches and migraines. You will have an increase in circulation, a boost to your mood and you will feel a greater freedom of movement.

“Thanks for your help with my head and neck aches. I feel so clear! What a great pick me up”

Kate, 28, Real Estate Agent, Local.

Recover – Legs & Feet Massage Byron Bay

Recover the spring in your step with this massage that relieves the effects of pressure on your tired legs and feet,. This massage provides relief for those with pain from walking, fluid build-up in the legs, ankles and feet, for sports people, surfers, and shopaholics. Your therapist will loosen tension of the lower body, helping muscles recover, by draining the lactic acid that causes pain.

“Thanks so much! I was so tired. Thanks for relieving my tired legs. They feel like new!”

Brenda, 50, Busy Mum, from Newcastle.

Reset – Spinal Massage Byron Bay

Reset your spine by loosening tension in the muscles along your back and those holding each vertebra. Our spinal muscles are often compromised by sedentary lifestyles, poor posture and over-use of particular muscles. The spine contains connections for all the organs in the body, and this massage re-awakens and stimulates all the areas of the human body. This treatment takes pressure off nerves, gives relief from tension and improves organ function. This is fantastic for lower back tension, tight or weak muscles. You will feel looser, with greater movement and more able to concentrate.

“My back was so sore from the driving, but I can bend down again now. Magic hands! Thank you so much.”

Derek, 49, Father of 4, Hunter Valley.

Relax– Relaxation/Swedish Massage Byron Bay

Relax your way to health. A deeply relaxing massage in Byron Bay, all the gain, without any pain. Our skilled therapists go to great lengths to create the space which allows the body to initiate the natural relaxation responses of the body.

“That was exceptionally wonderful! Thank you. You made me relax so easily. I felt so cared for, and so safe. I never get to relax like that. Feel like I’m on a cloud. See you again soon.”

Diane, 51, Executive, Ewingsdale.

Relish– Aromatherapy Massage Byron Bay

Relish being nourished with oils. Be physically, mentally and emotionally rebalancing through the use of our high-grade essential plant oils. Choose from our 3 customized blends; Deep Relaxation, Revive & Detox and Gentle Nurturing to feed your senses, your bod and your skin.

“I’m stunned. Speechless. That was phenomenal. I feel like a Queen.”

Tania, 38, Secretary, Brisbane.

Relief – Pregnancy & New Mums Massage Byron Bay

This massage relieves tension in areas such as the lower back and helps with re-distribution of fluids in the body. This massage uses safe and gentle rose and lavender oils to deeply comfort and nurture the Mum and her baby, before and after the baby has been born. Particularly wonderful if combined with a Floatation Session afterwards to cradle the body and relieve the lower back and legs of the pressure of gravity.

“Ladies, you are wonderful. Thank you for treating me with such kindness and respect. I have really enjoyed your care during my pregnancy. I did me so much good, and I am sure it helped my baby as well. You’ve really helped me cope with all the changes in my pregnancy. I will be back for my post-birth massages, then you can meet the baby!”

Marya, 34, Brunswick.

Revive – Deep Tissue Release Massage Byron Bay

Revive yourself and your muscles! The Therapist works slowly and deeply to gently and thoroughly release tension in overstrained or tight muscles; this brings back movement and function of muscles.

“Your deep tissue technique is sensational, bar none. Best I have ever had! Can touch my toes now. Can’t believe it!”

Mark, 42, Triathlete & Carpenter, Bangalow./span>

Remedy – Remedial Massage Byron Bay

For recovery from accident, injury or long standing chronic conditions (for example RSI). Includes physical assessment. Therapist releasing tension in overstrained or injured muscles, to bring back correct function and posture. The therapist gently re-establishes function in muscles that have stopped functioning. Mental and emotional health returns when physical function is restored.
*Dependent upon availability of Remedial Massage Therapist.

“My shoulder is sooo much better. I had no idea my shoulder pain could be coming from a problem with my hip! Thank you for fixing my hip and shoulder.”

Jenni, 55, Bookkeeper, Ballina.

Refresh – Lymphatic Drainage Massage Byron Bay

Refresh your immune system with a lymphatic massage. This treatment gently moves fluid out of the lymphatic glands, and back into the body, so that the body can eliminate toxins, which are often the cause of pain and illness. A great way to detox instantly. Great for clearing out the body post illness (eg cold), surgery (eg anaesthetic) or injury (eg sprain, break, antibiotics).

“That was not what I expected. Even though it was really gentle I could still feel the hard spots in my body melting as you worked. Amazing. Thank you.”

Lynelle, 48, Nurse, from Grafton.

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