Indulgence for body and mind

Relax and unwind in the hands of our highly skilled and caring therapists, we offer a range of massage treatments, including relaxation, deep tissue, remedial, hot stone, couples massage, hawaiian, pregnancy and Ayurvedic massage. Air conditioned rooms, comfortable tables and tucked away in a quiet arcade with free off street parking at the rear. Most of our therapists offer hicaps rebates (please ask at the time of booking if you require Hicaps).


30 minutes: $75 | 60 minutes: $115 | 90 minutes: $165
Also called a swedish massage, the aim of a Relaxation massage is relaxation, a full body experience using long flowing strokes, gentle kneading of the skin and muscles, helps to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and muscular tension, improve circulation and promote a sense of wellbeing.

Remedial Deep Tissue

30 minutes: $75 | 60 minutes: $115 | 90 minutes: $165
A more specific style of massage targeting problem areas, using a combination of deeper strokes, trigger points and stretching techniques to work on the muscles tissue, tendons and fascia, helping joints become more mobile, stimulating blood supply, alleviating chronic tensions, stiffness and pain, beneficial for headaches, back and neck pain and sciatica.


60 minutes: $115 | 90 minutes: $165
For blossoming mums needing relief from their added load, precious time out and nurturing, our specifically designed cushions support your body and your growing belly, ensuring maximum support and comfort during your massage.  Pregnancy massage helps to  reduce back and joint pain, improves circulation, reduces edema, eases muscle tension,  headaches, stress and anxiety, improves oxygenation of muscles and promotes better sleep.

Hot Stone

60 minutes: $125 | 90 minutes: $175
Smooth flat heated stones placed on the body and combined with the massage using long strokes and circular movements. Deeply relaxing,  stimulating blood flow and helping muscles to release tension.

“I love to watch the body heal and become more comfortable, its like sculpting a beautiful artwork, every person is so different”


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.